GPS Co-ordinates are 46.10619,-80.263229

Your GPS and Google route may not take you all the way (minus approx 1/4 mile)

When you get down to Wolseley Bay you will be looking directly across the water at the lodge.

Proceed to your immediate left over the small bridge and up the hill.

There will be a sign on your right for the Totem Point Lodge Entrance


From the Peace Bridge at Buffalo…
Take the QEW to Hamilton/Burlington Hwy 403. Exit 407 East to 400 North


From Detroit…
Take Hwy 401 and exit after the “James Snow Valley Parkway” east of Hwy 25 Milton to ETR 407 East to Hwy 400 North.

Continue north on Hwy 400, Cross the Pickerel & French Rivers, seven miles north of French River, take Hwy 64 North for 12 miles, turn right onto Hwy 528. Go to the end of Hwy 528 to Wolseley Bay. Turn left, cross bridge, go up to the top of the hill, turn right , after the sign for Totem Point Lodge. Follow driveway to parking lot.